The Liberal Conservative’s ‘Slash and Burn’ Theory

(Myki) “Arguably the most useless piece of plastic in Australia” Ted Baillieu (Ten News, July 11-12, 2010)

Ted Baillieu

“State Government looks to scrap troubled Myki Smartcard” (Article Heading, Herald Sun, Dec 28, 2010)

“Commuters are fed up with being forced to stand for long periods on their way to and from work” Ashley Gardiner (Herald Sun, Jan 25, 2012)

So how does a Conservative Liberal Party Government improve a State or Nation, how does it value add to the quality of life of its citizens, how does it make the lives of those it governs better? It’s obvious. It resorts to the illogical tenets of the Conservative manifesto that believes only by slashing and burning the very infrastructures laid down by progressive, caring, previous Governments has it actually achieved something.

Conservative Governmemts take great pride in identifying, then removing or pruning previously established essential services. Conservative Governments and politicians actually practice a poisonous course of action they believe is just by Conservative values. Conservative values deem it right to limit, hand-brake and decrease all that has made the lives of citizens smoother, better, logical and ultimately happier before that Conservative Government came along.

Voting in a Conservative Government is like voting for a backward step in your life.

The Liberal leader in Victoria and Premier, Ted Baillieu (pictured above) has done nothing for Victoria. Baillieu has mastered the art of invisibility now in power. In Opposition, Baillieu spent every evening on the Nightly News complaining about every facet of Victorian life under a Labor State Government.This is the same man that was going to wipe away the Myki Ticketing System once in power. This was the man that spent every sound and vision news ‘grab’ riding the transport sytem and picking apart its supposed faults. Baillieu painted hinself as the saviour of Victoria’s transport system.

Instead, this Conservative Premier has kept the same Myki System he was going to wipe in Opposition and is now removing more seats in Metropolitan trains so an ever increasing and travelling State population can travel in the same comfort as tinned sardines. As most people use the trains to get to work and school on a daily basis, ‘slash and burn’ policies aimed at these people shows what Baillieu actually thinks of those that he Governs. Thanks Ted, born to rule the State but no idea how to govern it.

Talk is cheap in Opposition, but Liberal Conservative action is more disastrous once in power. And who is Baillieu’s boss Federally? None other than the all talking, national whinger and Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott. Heaven help us.


Are your ‘Fish and Chip’ wrappings home delivered?

“Rightly, Mr Hodges has paid a heavy price for what his former boss yesterday correctly described as a grave error of judgement. But this will also damage Ms Gillard personally – and it’s not as if she had much political capital to waste. The Australia Day own – goal ranks up there with Ms Gillard’s broken carbon tax promise and last week’s tearing up of the Wilkie pokies deal. What next?”  (Editorial – Sunday Herald Sun, Jan 29, 2012)

In Australia’s journalistic history, has there ever been a more twisted. grimy, agenda driven newspaper than Victoria’s Herald-Sun? It may have a similar counterpart in Sydney, but the grubby, obvious effort and length this paper goes to in the hope it unseats a Political Party and Australia’s First Female Prime Minister is nothing short of a filthy national disgrace. This is surely beyond what Australia requires and deserves from a daily newspaper.

Every day the Herald Sun invents a litany of Labor Party sins for its readership hoping that every little chink and overblown event in the day-to-day running of a Government can be exaggerated to such a point that the Government and its Leader should be replaced as soon as possible.

Now take the quoted Editorial dribble piece above and remember this comes from the ‘Editor’ of the Herald Sun who you would suggest has a belief in balance and wealth of intelligence that only a Senior Journalist could bring to the job. This Editor tries to break down this political attack into three knockout punches that all fail. “The Australia Day own-goal” is in reference to a Labor Party Advisor leaking the comments and location of the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott to Aboriginal Protesters. How is such a Political leak wrong? Isn’t Abbott a Politician? Since when has the political animal. the politician, worked under the cover of darkness? Their entire livelihood is cultivated through and for the general public. If an Advisor for Gillard ethically should not have leaked a Politicians whereabouts and statements for whatever absurd reason, then Gillard appeased the overblown town-criers for the Liberal Party and sacked that supposed wayward advisor. Job done. Gillard has done more than was warranted.

Every Industry in Australia has junior Advisors who undertake actions that maybe their bosses would not have signed off on, and who ultimately pay the price for their judgement.

If the Herald Sun wants to play the ‘fish rots at the head’ game than they better start with a thorough investigation into the multiple ‘Advisors’ and their transgressions that have been ultimately ‘let go’ by Ted Baillieu since he took charge of the Victorian State Liberal Party and the reasons behind that. Has the Herald Sun asked for an election to oust the State Liberal Party in Victoria under Ted Baillieu? No! The Herald Sun are hypocrites.

The second point is the old ‘Carbon Tax’ point. The Government changed their mind for the betterment of all Australians and thus it will now Tax all large polluting companies. The Herald Sun takes issue with a Tax that will force large companies to better watch and manage their pollution producing capabilities, allowing for a cleaner Australia or these companies will pay a heavy fiscal price. And what hurts large polluting companies more than their hip pocket? Nothing does. So therefore, why would the Herald Sun NOT be happy with a Government that has changed its mind, now favouring the right thing to do by all Australians? Is the Herald Sun’s liking for pollution akin to its liking for the political pollution it prints every day and its support for a Political Party (The Liberal Party) and its diseased polluting concepts and agenda that pollute the hearts and minds of all level-headed Australians? It’s just plain astonishing!

And the ‘Pokies Deal’ is now a non-issue to all except the Liberal Party and newspapers like the Herald Sun. The Independent MP, Andrew Wilkie played hard-ball with the Government and used his political positioning to manipulate the Australian Government. When the shoe was on the other foot and the Australian Government, ALL WITHIN ITS RIGHTS, played the game of politics better than Wilkie, Wilkie ran all around town bleating how he was hard done by. You entered Politics Mr Wilkie, fully understanding that you were entering Politics not a charitable religious order and sadly for you, Politics came back to bite you on the bum. Wilkie’s power demise was there for all to see and the writing was on the wall when MP, Peter Slipper, became the Parliamentary Speaker. Wilkie, like Tony Abbott were asleep at the wheel, and clearly lacked the awareness or political ability to match it with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and The Labor Party. Pity the Herald Sun hasn’t focused more on the shortcomings of both Wilkie and Abbott then invent the mystic that both were hard done by. Pity the Herald Sun hasn’t realised that the outward effort that they constantly show by trying to get their Conservative buddies into power is very unbecoming of a ‘newspaper’. The Herald Sun is being drowned in Liberal/Conservative opinion and bias. Every day another mindless Conservative ‘Columnist’ pokes their head out of the B-Grade writing swamp to champion the lost cause of Abbott and his band of sore losers.

The Herald Sun obviously needs a new breed of fair, minded, unbiased journalists, because the current crop are just wasting all our time. Most readers have more intelligence and questioning than to fall for the constant brain-washing of agenda driven print Liberals in sheep’s clothing.

Maybe the Herald Sun should swallow a large dose of their ‘fish rots at the head’ theory and turn inward and find the source back to who is calling the political shots at this newspaper. This Herald Sun political shot caller should then be made aware that their over-exaggerated muck racking is alienating part of its readership by trying to constantly demonise the current Australian Government in power and their Leader Julia Gillard. Some Australians are mesmerized by this newspaper’s ‘Tokyo Rose’ style preaching. Some are more intelligent than that.

A Positive Whitewash of Negative Conservatives

In Thursday’s (Jan 26th, 2012) Herald-Sun ‘newspaper’ (and appearing also in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph) another full page Conservative propaganda article appears, this time penned by Miranda Devine who is described by the Herald-Sun newspaper as “Telling it like it is”.

In an article that ‘tells it like a Conservative Cheer Leader’, Devine tries her best to pump up the tyres of the much confused and often lost in Politics, leader of all things negative and the Opposition, Mr Tony Abbott.

Just the previous day we witnessed her colleague in writing at the Herald-Sun, and the other half of this ‘Batman and Robin’ Conservative Clean-Up Team, Andrew Bolt, publish another attack on the Labor Prime Minister. Thursday must be Miranda Devine’s day to come from the corner swinging on behalf of the Liberal Party, which as an obvious newspaper continuity plan is reminiscent of two old wrestlers who believe a constant and sustained tag team change-over accompanied by multiple attacks will diminish their opponent, irrespective of how silly and fruitless their actions appear.

You would think ‘columnists’ like Bolt and Devine had been allocated different ‘fronts’ on which to wage their never-ending concerted efforts to further the Liberal Party by suggesting the imperfections of the Labor Party and the better choice of an untested, unhappy, negative Conservative Liberal Party.

So how does a tag-team Conservative Liberal Party writing effort work to win the hearts and minds of a hopefully programmable readership through a newspaper? It’s quite easy. The plan is to leave the faithful and the uncertain with no out clause to make their minds up. On Day 1 (Wed) Andrew Bolt takes Gillard and the Labor Party on and tries to discredit it. Day 2 (Thurs) is Miranda Devine’s spotlight and she assumes the ‘Good Cop’ position pumping the object of the article up, in this case, the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott. So we have the whole gamut covered. The bad is identified and the good is glorified. The reader is left with nothing but 24 hours of complete 360 degree opinion manipulation in two consecutive articles. The Labor Party is evil and the Liberal Party is wonderful.

This is the same wonderful Liberal Party that by their angry, incessant, refusal to support the Carbon Tax, have therefore become the ally of every polluting company. This is the same wonderful Liberal Party who would rather support big polluting companies now, then future Australians yet to be born. This is the same wonderful Liberal Party whose followers reject science in favour of believing that because it has just rained outside that there can’t be anything as ridiculous as Global Warming?

In a nutshell Devine is unable to present a logical overview. Devine’s favourite little gem is quoting the job of the Opposition as thus, “The Australian Parliament’s House of Representatives Practice handbook explains that the job of an Opposition “through its role of scrutiny and criticism, is to exercise an oversight of the actions of the Government” Utilizing this quote as justification for the Liberal Party’s angry, negative, ugly history and antics since the Labor Party took Government, it happens to forget one point. How is the other side allowed to act? Devine does not mention that though it may not be quoted in her little handbook, any Government in power should be allowed to keep the Opposition whingers at bay, protecting both their Party in power, their jobs and the wishes of those voters that voted them in. It is feasible that any Government does all in its power equal to ward off, in this case, the ugly over-blown scrutiny and unfounded and invented criticism from an Opposition desperate to get into power at any cost. But Right Wing Conservatives only want a one way street from which they can throw their mud. If the mud comes back, all hell breaks loose. Or in this case, clean-up pieces are written on behalf of the Liberal Party in Opposition.

Miranda Devine’s puff-piece surely will do little to sway thinking Australians and allow leniency towards Mr No, Tony Abbott. The die is cast and Australians can see and hear that Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party offers Australia nothing but nothingness.


To read Miranda Devine’s pathetic plea to understand Tony Abbott;