Selective versions of nasty, junk journalism

On page 4 of today’s (7/02/12) Herald Sun this newspaper has sunk to an all time low, depicting in an altered image, the new Speaker MP Peter Slipper AS A RAT! (see below)

There is no denying that the image of Peter Slipper has been altered to resemble a rat with the addition of whiskers, rat-like front teeth and rat like ears. Even the small by-line heading above the image denigrates the new Speaker with the words, “Liberal ‘rat’ wants pomp and ceremony back in Speaker’s chair”.

So knowing that the Herald-Sun has done a complete smear job on Peter Slipper in its newspaper, does the newspaper and the Editor have the balls to go all the way and present the same hatchet job on Slipper via the web? No. It cleverly distances itself from its newspaper slurs by sanitizing its imagery and verbiage on its website.

Look how the Herald Sun’s website cleans up its act in its first link viewers see for the same Peter Slipper story. (below)

Now look how the same article from the newspaper appears on the Herald Sun website. (Select image 2 at the Herald Sun website on the bottom right corner under the initial image)

Why is the Herald Sun brave enough to belittle Slipper in its newspaper, but not via its web presence?

The same articles in the newspaper and the web are of no substance, yet the newspaper version sinks to an all time low on personal attacks. Would the Herald Sun like to see what the public could achieve with images of their Editor, or their prized habitual Labor basher Andrew Bolt?

The Herald Sun screams from the mountain top constantly about their perceived right to free speech, yet how quickly would they run to their lawyers if we all created ‘digitally altered’ images of their staff.

The Herald Sun has developed a terminal case of Junk Journalism. And sometimes, for the patient’s own good, it is best it goes quickly.