Selective versions of nasty, junk journalism

On page 4 of today’s (7/02/12) Herald Sun this newspaper has sunk to an all time low, depicting in an altered image, the new Speaker MP Peter Slipper AS A RAT! (see below)

There is no denying that the image of Peter Slipper has been altered to resemble a rat with the addition of whiskers, rat-like front teeth and rat like ears. Even the small by-line heading above the image denigrates the new Speaker with the words, “Liberal ‘rat’ wants pomp and ceremony back in Speaker’s chair”.

So knowing that the Herald-Sun has done a complete smear job on Peter Slipper in its newspaper, does the newspaper and the Editor have the balls to go all the way and present the same hatchet job on Slipper via the web? No. It cleverly distances itself from its newspaper slurs by sanitizing its imagery and verbiage on its website.

Look how the Herald Sun’s website cleans up its act in its first link viewers see for the same Peter Slipper story. (below)

Now look how the same article from the newspaper appears on the Herald Sun website. (Select image 2 at the Herald Sun website on the bottom right corner under the initial image)

Why is the Herald Sun brave enough to belittle Slipper in its newspaper, but not via its web presence?

The same articles in the newspaper and the web are of no substance, yet the newspaper version sinks to an all time low on personal attacks. Would the Herald Sun like to see what the public could achieve with images of their Editor, or their prized habitual Labor basher Andrew Bolt?

The Herald Sun screams from the mountain top constantly about their perceived right to free speech, yet how quickly would they run to their lawyers if we all created ‘digitally altered’ images of their staff.

The Herald Sun has developed a terminal case of Junk Journalism. And sometimes, for the patient’s own good, it is best it goes quickly.


Are your ‘Fish and Chip’ wrappings home delivered?

“Rightly, Mr Hodges has paid a heavy price for what his former boss yesterday correctly described as a grave error of judgement. But this will also damage Ms Gillard personally – and it’s not as if she had much political capital to waste. The Australia Day own – goal ranks up there with Ms Gillard’s broken carbon tax promise and last week’s tearing up of the Wilkie pokies deal. What next?”  (Editorial – Sunday Herald Sun, Jan 29, 2012)

In Australia’s journalistic history, has there ever been a more twisted. grimy, agenda driven newspaper than Victoria’s Herald-Sun? It may have a similar counterpart in Sydney, but the grubby, obvious effort and length this paper goes to in the hope it unseats a Political Party and Australia’s First Female Prime Minister is nothing short of a filthy national disgrace. This is surely beyond what Australia requires and deserves from a daily newspaper.

Every day the Herald Sun invents a litany of Labor Party sins for its readership hoping that every little chink and overblown event in the day-to-day running of a Government can be exaggerated to such a point that the Government and its Leader should be replaced as soon as possible.

Now take the quoted Editorial dribble piece above and remember this comes from the ‘Editor’ of the Herald Sun who you would suggest has a belief in balance and wealth of intelligence that only a Senior Journalist could bring to the job. This Editor tries to break down this political attack into three knockout punches that all fail. “The Australia Day own-goal” is in reference to a Labor Party Advisor leaking the comments and location of the Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott to Aboriginal Protesters. How is such a Political leak wrong? Isn’t Abbott a Politician? Since when has the political animal. the politician, worked under the cover of darkness? Their entire livelihood is cultivated through and for the general public. If an Advisor for Gillard ethically should not have leaked a Politicians whereabouts and statements for whatever absurd reason, then Gillard appeased the overblown town-criers for the Liberal Party and sacked that supposed wayward advisor. Job done. Gillard has done more than was warranted.

Every Industry in Australia has junior Advisors who undertake actions that maybe their bosses would not have signed off on, and who ultimately pay the price for their judgement.

If the Herald Sun wants to play the ‘fish rots at the head’ game than they better start with a thorough investigation into the multiple ‘Advisors’ and their transgressions that have been ultimately ‘let go’ by Ted Baillieu since he took charge of the Victorian State Liberal Party and the reasons behind that. Has the Herald Sun asked for an election to oust the State Liberal Party in Victoria under Ted Baillieu? No! The Herald Sun are hypocrites.

The second point is the old ‘Carbon Tax’ point. The Government changed their mind for the betterment of all Australians and thus it will now Tax all large polluting companies. The Herald Sun takes issue with a Tax that will force large companies to better watch and manage their pollution producing capabilities, allowing for a cleaner Australia or these companies will pay a heavy fiscal price. And what hurts large polluting companies more than their hip pocket? Nothing does. So therefore, why would the Herald Sun NOT be happy with a Government that has changed its mind, now favouring the right thing to do by all Australians? Is the Herald Sun’s liking for pollution akin to its liking for the political pollution it prints every day and its support for a Political Party (The Liberal Party) and its diseased polluting concepts and agenda that pollute the hearts and minds of all level-headed Australians? It’s just plain astonishing!

And the ‘Pokies Deal’ is now a non-issue to all except the Liberal Party and newspapers like the Herald Sun. The Independent MP, Andrew Wilkie played hard-ball with the Government and used his political positioning to manipulate the Australian Government. When the shoe was on the other foot and the Australian Government, ALL WITHIN ITS RIGHTS, played the game of politics better than Wilkie, Wilkie ran all around town bleating how he was hard done by. You entered Politics Mr Wilkie, fully understanding that you were entering Politics not a charitable religious order and sadly for you, Politics came back to bite you on the bum. Wilkie’s power demise was there for all to see and the writing was on the wall when MP, Peter Slipper, became the Parliamentary Speaker. Wilkie, like Tony Abbott were asleep at the wheel, and clearly lacked the awareness or political ability to match it with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and The Labor Party. Pity the Herald Sun hasn’t focused more on the shortcomings of both Wilkie and Abbott then invent the mystic that both were hard done by. Pity the Herald Sun hasn’t realised that the outward effort that they constantly show by trying to get their Conservative buddies into power is very unbecoming of a ‘newspaper’. The Herald Sun is being drowned in Liberal/Conservative opinion and bias. Every day another mindless Conservative ‘Columnist’ pokes their head out of the B-Grade writing swamp to champion the lost cause of Abbott and his band of sore losers.

The Herald Sun obviously needs a new breed of fair, minded, unbiased journalists, because the current crop are just wasting all our time. Most readers have more intelligence and questioning than to fall for the constant brain-washing of agenda driven print Liberals in sheep’s clothing.

Maybe the Herald Sun should swallow a large dose of their ‘fish rots at the head’ theory and turn inward and find the source back to who is calling the political shots at this newspaper. This Herald Sun political shot caller should then be made aware that their over-exaggerated muck racking is alienating part of its readership by trying to constantly demonise the current Australian Government in power and their Leader Julia Gillard. Some Australians are mesmerized by this newspaper’s ‘Tokyo Rose’ style preaching. Some are more intelligent than that.

Look out…..the Conservative script writers are back from holidays!

Well, it hasn’t taken long for the grandiose rants of the Right Wing ratbags to pull Australia and its Government down amongst the muck and fear of their feculent campaign. The Liberal Party’s knight in Conservative armour, and “Australia’s most read columnist” (or so the Herald-Sun like to tell us) Mr. Andrew Bolt has started the year with a typical, ridiculous and illogical half-page  newspaper heading ‘Democracy threatened by Gillard’s Betrayals’.

Bolt’s (Herald-Sun, Page 19, January 25th) article wants us to believe that the Gillard Government is betraying Australians and fellow politicians within Canberra. Bolt wants us to believe we are in dire straits. Don’t mention to Bolt that Democracy was not under threat while he, and many fellow Journalists and ‘Columnists’ of this country were on well-paid and lingering recent holidays, thanks to a Country whose Democracy is seemingly under threat. Who rang the alarm bells when Bolt was on holidays? Nobody. Most negative, fear-mongering Conservatives had a sabbatical to recharge their batteries and invent new and ever-increasing imaginary threats to scare and influence a loyal but lost readership, who by now love the witch hunt type scribblings of ‘Columnists’ like Bolt.

In this article, Mr.Bolt is under the delusion that the voters of an election still have control over a Government through its entire functioning life. He even whines, “No longer does the majority rule”. He doesn’t understand, or refuses to understand that an elected Government is given a mandate to make the best decisions and judgement calls it sees fit on behalf of all Australians as these issues come along. Governments are allowed to make statements pre-election and then reevaluate those statements and issues once in power. That’s called progressive intelligence. Mr.Bolt wants the world to be black and white all the time. This is the archetypical Conservative dilemma. Why can’t I have an opinion suspended in a vacuum, and apply it to all issues in life. And this is the source tenet of all Conservative thinking people, ‘Stop the world, I’m happy with it…30 years ago’. The Labor Party did not ‘betray’ anybody over the ‘Carbon Tax’ introduction. Pre-election, the Labor Party weren’t enamoured by a Carbon Tax, but in power, with access to more up-to-date studies and research, the effects of Global Warming and Polluting Companies were shown to have an effect on the atmosphere. But never tell that to Liberal Party Conservatives who have wiped the existence of Science and Research from their minds, and habits.

The Carbon Tax vote was passed in the Senate on the 8th November, 2011. The votes were 36 to 32. The Carbon Tax was passed in Parliament under the procedures of Democracy within Parliament Mr.Bolt, by taking a vote. Your take that the Carbon Tax was a ‘betrayal’ is wrong. Future Australians, young and old will not see a Tax on Pollution as anything but a ‘betrayal’ of closed-minded, uncaring, Conservative interference. These Conservatives tried every trick they could to turn an honorable, green Tax into the second coming of Nosferatu.

Mr.Bolt opens his article with what he thinks is a power paragraph, “Independent MP Andrew Wilkie says the Prime Minister is “trashing our democracy”. He is right of course”

No Mr.Bolt, MP Andrew Wilkie should be saying that the Prime Minister is ‘excelling at Politics’, something Wilkie is unable to do. Then Mr. Wilkie should look into his wallet and see if he is a card-carrying member of the Labor Party. If not, the Labor Party owes no allegiance to an Independent MP.

Bolt and Wilkie, like sore losers, are both unhappy that while Australia is moving forward of them and creating a better Australia, progressive people have no time to entertain those stuck in their tracks bellowing at the back of the queue about their imaginary ‘end of Democracy’.

Another day, another Conservative beat up.


Read Andrew Bolt’s extreme article here: