The Liberal Conservative’s ‘Slash and Burn’ Theory

(Myki) “Arguably the most useless piece of plastic in Australia” Ted Baillieu (Ten News, July 11-12, 2010)

Ted Baillieu

“State Government looks to scrap troubled Myki Smartcard” (Article Heading, Herald Sun, Dec 28, 2010)

“Commuters are fed up with being forced to stand for long periods on their way to and from work” Ashley Gardiner (Herald Sun, Jan 25, 2012)

So how does a Conservative Liberal Party Government improve a State or Nation, how does it value add to the quality of life of its citizens, how does it make the lives of those it governs better? It’s obvious. It resorts to the illogical tenets of the Conservative manifesto that believes only by slashing and burning the very infrastructures laid down by progressive, caring, previous Governments has it actually achieved something.

Conservative Governmemts take great pride in identifying, then removing or pruning previously established essential services. Conservative Governments and politicians actually practice a poisonous course of action they believe is just by Conservative values. Conservative values deem it right to limit, hand-brake and decrease all that has made the lives of citizens smoother, better, logical and ultimately happier before that Conservative Government came along.

Voting in a Conservative Government is like voting for a backward step in your life.

The Liberal leader in Victoria and Premier, Ted Baillieu (pictured above) has done nothing for Victoria. Baillieu has mastered the art of invisibility now in power. In Opposition, Baillieu spent every evening on the Nightly News complaining about every facet of Victorian life under a Labor State Government.This is the same man that was going to wipe away the Myki Ticketing System once in power. This was the man that spent every sound and vision news ‘grab’ riding the transport sytem and picking apart its supposed faults. Baillieu painted hinself as the saviour of Victoria’s transport system.

Instead, this Conservative Premier has kept the same Myki System he was going to wipe in Opposition and is now removing more seats in Metropolitan trains so an ever increasing and travelling State population can travel in the same comfort as tinned sardines. As most people use the trains to get to work and school on a daily basis, ‘slash and burn’ policies aimed at these people shows what Baillieu actually thinks of those that he Governs. Thanks Ted, born to rule the State but no idea how to govern it.

Talk is cheap in Opposition, but Liberal Conservative action is more disastrous once in power. And who is Baillieu’s boss Federally? None other than the all talking, national whinger and Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott. Heaven help us.