In the beginning…

It is Sunday January 22, 2012 in Australia. Many Australians have just completed their first weeks back at work across many Industries in Australia. It is summertime and Australians are watching the Australian Open on their Televisions as the world’s best Tennis Players are trying to win their first Grand Slam of the year. The Australian Cricket Team has just won the Series against India, so as a country in love with sport and proud of our sporting achievements, we are in a relaxed happy mood. The hot weather in Australia actually brought families together as we shared Xmas Day near pools and beaches, and found any reason to drop in on our loved ones and share a beautiful barbecue and a lovely nice cold beer. Australian children seemed to house more energy in their systems as the ran in parks, jumped into pools, and raced their buddies in and out of the waves as they broke on the shore of their family’s favorite beaches. Unlike nature, Australians don’t bloom in Spring, but blossom in the Summertime. Australia shows it full potential in Summer and it embraces everyone who witnesses its seductive possibilities.

The current Bill of Health of Australia is a positive one. The Australian Dollar (AUD) is currently running at 1.04 U.S Dollars. Our economy is strong based on our Mining Sector and progressive, protective moves made by our current Government (i.e. The Stimulus Plan/Package) to insulated us from damaging world economical strategies that are currently hurting Europe and other parts of the world and these have been successful. We have fantastic diverse weather, we have plenty of quality produce to consume, we import and export strongly, the waters around us are bountiful, we have a high standard of education, we have well paying jobs, superannuation, a health system that does its best to take care of all Australians irrespective of their wealth, and a multicultural society. Australia can be proud that it is in a strong, logic, healthy position in the world and not many countries currently can say that.

How did Australia get into this position? Australia decided long ago that Australia had its own answers. Australia could not look to the world to provide examples. It had to look to the world to provide examples of failure, of stagnation in countries that didn’t make instant changes to perceived problems just around the corner. A successful Australia has positioned itself safely in a sea of problem countries by being progressive. Seeing the warning signs on the horizon, analyzing them, and making quick and proactive changes to safeguard Australia from the mistakes of other countries, other Governments and other leaders.

But within Australia, we now have a battle. Australia now has an ever powerful network, and that network is driven by certain Political Parties, Politically based organizations, Media personalities and Media outlets who are trying to take Australia back to its dark, poorly managed, uncaring, bigoted, irrational and sometimes racist past. The irrational anger in some sections of Australia’s biased Media incites those with the same backward and ugly tendencies to try to make us believe that currently Australia is doing something wrong. Their plan is to tell all Australians through any means possible that Australia is not all it could be, that Australia is evil, and they are in fact, the forces that have come to clean up Australia and take us forward, albeit by going backwards. This network of the dark ages, hail from the angry, all hating Right of politics in Australia, the Conservatives.

Australia is poised to hold a Federal Election by the 30th November 2013 to elect a new Government. From now till then, I will look at the many demeaning, and ugly planned ways Conservative Politics will try to discredit Australia and the state of Australia and its current overseers, the government in power, the Australian Labor Party.

The only way Australia can be currently harmed and sent tumbling backwards into the dark ages of regressive, bad management is by being exposed long enough to ‘The Conservative Disease in Australia’. The Conservative Disease in Australia has until 2013 to blacken our hearts and minds into thinking Australia is in a sick state. As I write this, Australia is a wonderful place, managed in the best possible way and only looking towards a bright future. There is nothing wrong with Australia. If there are tweaks we need to make, they can be made with logical, modern, progressive wisdom and action.

Now let’s follow the path of ‘The Conservative Disease in Australia’ as it tries every nasty trick in the book to get itself into power and destabilize Australia.